Phase 1 Completed!

ForbesChallengeThe Forbes Riley 10 Week Challenge I committed to has come to an end. I didn’t really go into with any expectations other than the desire to get back into my size 7 jeans after having gained 45 pounds (a direct result of giving up cigs and going on blood pressure/diabetes meds) and blowing up to a size 14 pushing 16. This was never a vanity trip, I just happen to own a crap load of size 7 jeans and didn’t want to buy new clothes. This was not a vanity trip, but a desire to do whatever it took to come off of those meds. This was not a vanity trip to impress a man. This was something I did for myself to prolong my life, which was not the state of mind I was in when I started this journey. I’m proud of my body, not because the weight is gone, or I wear a smaller size, I’m proud of my body because I gave myself a chance to be around longer for my children and grand children. I did this for me.

That is all.