DSC_0168As I write the final of my 30 gratitudes for November 2013, I am overwhelmed.

As much as I have focused through the years on the difficult journey my life has been, I’ve spent the past 30 days so far removed from that mindset, that many transitions have occurred.

Not only am I grateful for understanding the multidimensional person I am and have been as a mother, sister, wife, lover, daughter, friend, artist, writer and so much more, but I have embraced a new side of me. As much as you might think it cliche’, I must admit while sitting by the bonfire this evening, watching the flames rise and ebb, listening to the crackling of wood, and inhaling the scent of smoke, the Phoenix rose. The difference this time is along with the glowing embers I left behind, so I too left behind all that has kept me bound to what has held me back.

I am closing this month of gratitude writings with the biggest gratitude of all.

I am so very grateful for my life.

Thank you.