Why this obsession with breasts?

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Why this obsession with breasts?

Breast= boobs, knockers, milk bags, tits, hooters, tatas, mother lodes, lip fodder…


Why this desire to validate a woman’s femininity and sexuality by the size of her breasts?

My sisters implant foreign matter into their bodies and profess it’s because it makes them feel better. Come on ladies, if your gonna do it at least be honest about it. I hardly equate putting silicone bags under existing breast tissue and risking illness and possibly death, an act of self love. I shudder when I see these beautiful women proudly display their acquisitions, often funded by a partner who needs eyes candy on their arm, or the need to feel beautiful in a physical way because no one can see how awesome you are between the ears, and gush at how much it has changed their lives.

My sisters fight the stigma of not having breasts because cancer took them away. Instead of heralding, applauding, and revering these survivor warriors we fill our media with the idea that breasts do a woman make. Life dos a woman make. I am humbled before these true heroines because on any given day, I could be one of them.

My sisters can flash their breasts in the media, which in turn again defines beauty and value based on mammaries, yet when they sit on a park bench to nurse their babies, they are reprimanded and put in the same category as a guy that whips his dick out to take a leak against a tree. Indecent exposure. Isn’t that just bizarre. Breast feeding is the most natural and maternal act of love between a mother and child, but women are asked to go sit in a bathroom so as not to offend anyone. How many people you know are offended by this?

Our breasts have nothing to do with who and what we are. They are merely placed where they are and function the way they do, because they serve a purpose in providing for our offspring. I don’t believe the female prototype was given breasts for the express purpose of pleasing horny humans.

Enough said.

Have a nice day.