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When the protector becomes the villain

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The military has put into place certain persons that are assigned with protecting victims of sexual assault.

I had an interesting conversation a few days ago regarding the inundation of articles, statistics, and occurrences of rape and the ever growing understanding of rape culture in our nation and across the globe. This person I was commiserating with was appalled at how much of an increase in cases there has been. I thought about her comment for a moment and told her I had a great analogy that would help her understand this is not a new or increasing thing.

When we hear weather forecasts and are told „it’s the worst storm in recorded history“ we seem to lose the concept of what recorded history is. This planet is ancient. There have been hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions. near meteor misses and actual meteor misses, since the birth of this ball we exist on. We feed into end of world theories in light of the increase of such natural disasters. The reality is, it seems to very profound to us because our „recording“ only goes back a few thousand years. We also need to take into account that the media needs to create fear so they can boost their ratings, incorporate certain advertisers that encourage us to buy end of world things like generators and water (I know, makes no sense), and feed into the film industry for that „we’re all gonna die soon“ movie that brings millions and billions into the box office.

It’s no different with rape and rape culture. It’s been around since the beginning of our existence on this planet. The increase we see, hear, and read about is due in most part to victims coming forward, individuals spreading the word through business and the arts, and organizations helping to create awareness. I’m a bit miffed that our legal and political system is still decades behind in doing their part. In essence, the media is eagerly clamoring to report these incidents with the same fervor as end of world occurrences. In this case, I realize the media is still trying to capitalize and profit on these horror stories, but it does benefit the cause in the end.

Though I am an advocate for educating on the abuse of power the media exhibits, I’m still a realist in that every now and then, we have to dust away the dirt to find what’s hidden beneath it.

As for this man…when dusting off the dirt, the only thing we can truly find underneath is yet another incidence of the abuse of power. Let’s see how our legal and military system handles this one…

Stay tuned…

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