What is poetry?

The gift of words in poetic form has been a part of us for as far back as we can reach in our evolution.  It has been a form of communication, preserving history, and spreading knowledge.  Though how poetry is perceived has changed through time, it is still the age old means of reaching into emotions and sharing them with the world.  Recently poetry has evolved by leaping off of the page and onto the stage.  Spoken word, slam poetry, and performance poetry are a phenomenon across the world.

I’m old school, part of the romantic eras as I scribe my poetry on the page and imagine someone reading it, interpreting it into their own view, and being affected by it.  Though I do step up onto the stage and read my poetry at open mics, it is difficult to put my voice into it like I put my pen into it.  Each poem is a journey of a page in my life and how I viewed the experience.  Poetry is very much a “me” thing, no matter what the form.  It is used to share emotions, ideas, frustrations, and the list goes on.

Poetry is a comfort through hard times.

Poetry soothes my heart when it has been broken.

Poetry is my guide when I feel lost.

Poetry is willing to listen when I want to rage.

Poetry paints pictures my hands cannot.

Poetry is woven into every facet of my life and it is steeped in unconditional love.

Poetry never makes me feel bad.  Poetry never abandons me.  Poetry never tears me down. Poetry never judges me.  Above all else, poetry helps me love myself for who I am and where I’ve been.

The final poetry that will define who I was in this life will be, “She lived to write.”

Poetry has saved my life.

That is all.