Violence in our DNA…

We are a species, a society, a country, and a world obsessed with violence. The magnitude of what people can do to each other is often unfathomable.  There is an ever present sense of entitlement to kill.

At one time I was obsessed with the dark side of the human mind.  The desire to find the answer as to why people can perpetrate this upon one another was unquenchable.  I wrote poetry, books, short stories, stage plays, and screenplays wrapped around the subject of man’s (and woman’s) inhumanity to man (and woman). The words never stopped flowing and the ideas were bred from the daily influence of the media’s manipulation of my mind.  There has to be a logical answer.

I reflected on the things I went through in my life and the rage it created in my personal universe.  It wasn’t until I stopped and thought about those reflections that I understood how easily one can be pushed into the darkness.  I also began to understand the power of hatred.  Humans have the ability to think and that isn’t always a good thing.  Thinking can create festering, which can create infection, which can create poisoning, which in the end can kill.  Like a physical injury gone rogue, the mind can go through this process.  Is there a simple solution, an antibiotic for the brain, an epsom salt bath to soothe the pain?  There has to be a logical answer.

We exhibit more passion for hate than any other emotion. We hate people of another color. We hate people of a different sexual persuasion.  We hate people of a different gender. We hate people that don’t practice the same religion as we do. We hate our government. We hate other cultures. We hate enough to send our youth to die. We hate to the depth that we may drag our species into eventual destruction.  What would happen if there was nothing left to hate? What would happen if we put even an iota into love rather than hate.  Is there a logical answer?

That is all.