Unobstructed vision


It’s such a jumble trying to work through mine fields in our heads. Maybe we can explain being a warring people by the mere fact that, internally, everything we think and do centers around conflict.

Am I pretty enough? Do I need to starve myself to be skinny…get plastic surgery to look young…spend huge amounts of money on products…pretend I’m not intelligent so my beauty will be my primary asset?

What do I have to do for love? Do I submit to making the other person happy regardless of how I feel…use my body to entice…give up my dreams…abandon my self worth?

Do I follow a dream or live as a drone? Do I quietly slip into herd mentality to survive…pretend like the dream can never be reality…stay within the expectations placed on me?

What can I do to acquire more wealth? Do I live to work…step over bodies to get to where I want to be…sell my soul to the highest bidder…disregard what makes me happy?

Every morning I wake up knowing there will be some kind of struggle, some kind of test, some kind of hurdle to overcome. We often see these roadblocks as things we fight to survive. With time, they can be overwhelming, and a sense of dread settles in with the perception of never getting a break. I used to think that way.

A new day is dawning.

I am a victor at the end of EACH day.

Anything and everything that comes my way is yet another building block in my fortress. Each block is a testament to my strength, my fortitude, my internal and external power.

I have learned to take each hit with grace, awareness, and the ability to overcome. There is nothing outside of death that I cannot conquer. The hard times are not a punishment from a benevolent being on high, they are but a minuscule part of the life experience. If everything was easy there would be no purpose in existing.

At the end of the day if you have survived a terminal disease, escaped an abusive spouse, told someone you love them and heard it back, had a roof over your head, food in your stomach, and above all the ability to wake up and relish in the gratitude that you get another day to see a sunset, make love, hug your children…well, you get the idea.

The challenges we face daily are not the hard times and struggles, but the ability to be ever so thankful for the good things.

Look around you…are you really slogging through the pits of hell or are you just too absorbed in self pity to see the gift of life?