Two and a half hours in a Gay bar…

After a year’s worth of stress because of life changes and school, I realized I needed to just blow off some steam for a few days to get myself grounded again.  My good friend Jimmy asked if I wanted to go dancing and I hadn’t been in such a long time, I agreed.  Funny thing is, I found myself wishing for a super power all over again.  This seems to be a frequent thought process in my life these days.

Since I’ve only been to a few places where dancing is the reason to go there, I was excited to venture into a new establishment.  Little did I know that once again, a chance experience would create more awareness of what is around me.  As soon as we pulled up to Georgie’s Alibi I heard the music thumping.  My feet started tapping and I became very excited at the idea of hitting the dance floor and sweating off a few pounds.  The place was pretty packed and it was only 10:00pm.  We went inside and Jimmy immediately beamed a smile at me that lit the room up.  We were gonna tear up some dance floor.  I walked around and checked the place out just to get my bearings.  Nice place.

When we finally got out on the dance floor, the music and lights took over my where my heartbeat was and I lost myself in the groove.  I was so into how good I felt that I didn’t even realize the dance floor was filling up rapidly.  Before I knew it there were sweaty bodies all around me.  Beautiful people, there to have a good time, not caring about the judgments of a harsh world.  Meeting people on the dance floor is an experience unlike any other.  There seems to be some kind of energy that makes you smile, touch a person’s arm, say your sorry for stepping on someone’s feet, and grin like a girl on prom night because you are surrounded by amazing people.  I didn’t have any drunk idiots slobbering on me trying to convince me they can rock my world, or any girls trying to make me feel inadequate because I don’t have my ass hanging out of my dress, or for that matter any judgments because of my skin color.  I was in a room full of people, dancing, drinking, laughing and loving those two and a half hours of life away from the harshness of what they face every day in the “real world.”

That is when it hit me.  I want the super power that enables me to remove labels, tags, and societal inhibitions.  Why a gay bar, or a black bar, or a white bar, or a biker bar?  Of course we know the answer, because people of a certain culture, lifestyle, or class structure go there.  Why is that? Is it the music preference, hook up ability, or just the need to be in one’s comfort zone?  Take a moment to step out of your box, embrace someone different than you, and realize that if the world were coming to an end at that very moment, that would be the only person to hold on to for comfort.  Would you really care if they were gay, black, or poor?

That is all.