There will likely be victim condemnation

Read this article:

Christian Mingle Rape Case

“Banks was arrested Monday and has been booked on two rape charges in the incident as well as one count of residential burglary.
He has since been released after posting $500,000 bail.”

Rest easy ladies, knowing this scumbag is back on the streets. If he had half a mil for bail, I’m guessing he’s not hurting for money, sooooooo…flight risk?

Methinks it is time to take a trip to DC and scream real loud in someone’s ear that the punishment for RAPE should be as severe as the punishment for killing a Cop or dealing drugs. One of the most severe sets of laws for killing law enforcement officers is in place to assure the perpetrator is punished to the hilt.

Now don’t get me wrong, in general, if you RAPE and KILL you are going away for a long time…If you JUST RAPE, there are loopholes, because our Rape Culture driven society can look the other way.

I’m sure there will be some serious blowback by the Christian community to disassociate from this crime and I can’t wait to see how that goes.

Reality check, doesn’t matter that the site was Christian based, doesn’t matter if it’s Race based, or Gender based, or whatever…all of these sites have been polluted by predators. Irony is, they’ve always been there, you meet them in church, at the store, pretty much everywhere you go. This entire situation will be negated because it happened online.

I’m guessing the touters are fixin’ to strap on their guns, raise their bibles, and say, “Well damn, it’s the woman’s fault for going on a site and meeting men that way. She’s just asking for it.”

…and that my friends, is RAPE CULTURE.