There is no turning back!

For those that have told me poetry is no way to make it in this world of artistry…for those that told me to get off of my bandwagon about domestic violence, rape, and women’s issues based on my personal experience…for those that told me to find a new subject to talk about…for those that judge me as a poet…read this…

A message received this morning:
“Mona, just wanted to tell you that I got an injunction and stopped the cycle for my daughter & for myself. You were one of my inspirations. I found the courage & the strength. I shall perservere & I shall rebuild better stronger & wiser.”

Now…get off my back…I don’t need hater validation…I get it from those that know the struggle…those that fight for life each day…those that stand courageous with me in creating change any way necessary.

That is all.