The perception of power


I’d love to be able to fly. Being able to soar above it all and feel a profound sense of freedom is intriguing.

I’d love to have superhuman strength so I can move things around.

I’d love to see into the future so I can change the bad things and create the good things.

I’d love to be immortal. Imagine what you can do with that.

This morning I woke up and realized I have all of these superpowers.

I can fly. If I close my eyes and imagine drifting among the clouds, feeling the warm breeze on my face, and being surrounded by the quietness of inner peace, my heart and soul soar to unimaginable heights.

I do have superhuman strength. I have overcome so much in my life. So many times I wanted to give up and accept defeat, yet something deep inside of me surfaced and gave me the will and power to fight for life. Despite beatings, rape, emotional degradation, surviving in the depths of a hardened ghetto, raising two children on my own, and having the ability to stay away from addictions that could have made it all so much easier, I survived. It doesn’t get more superhuman than that.

I can see into the future. The ability to shape a path in life, follow it, stay true to it, and create a reality is wholly dependent on each individual. If I make the wrong decisions, or believe myself to be less than worthy of a happy life then that is what I shall have. If I embrace my dreams and follow them with the conviction of not letting anything get in my way, they will come to fruition. I close my eyes and envision my future at the start of every day. I close my eyes at the end of the day and realize I am one day closer to that future.

I am immortal. Everything I do in this life will be a testament to having been here when I’m gone. I’m an amazing mother. My children will tell their children and generations from now my name will be on the lips of those that come after me. I will use the gift of a wordsmith to change minds and lives and long after I’m gone I’ll be read and appreciated. Immortality lies in our actions not in the physicality of being here.

I am all powerful in my personal Universe and therefore I am all powerful as one entity among many. I don’t need a cape to catch the wind.

I just need to trust in the ability my mind has to soar above the negative.

I just need to trust in the ability to share my strength with those that are struggling.

I just need to shape my future to make a positive change in the world.

I just need to use my gifts to leave a legacy that was forged for the betterment of humanity.

Wake up every morning and embrace your SUPERPOWERS.

Trust me, we can create change.