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The only difference is your shoes match

My HandI have recently begun to question the greatest frailty of the human condition. Mental illness.

As powerful as we have become through the natural progression of evolution, we are still weakened by and oftentimes bested by our own minds.

We can create cures for diseases, invent technology, and in essence control all aspects and facets of life.

The one thing we really cannot control is the way our minds work. We are slaves to our thoughts and fears. No matter how strong you are, when your mind wants to collapse in on itself, it will.

I’ve often wondered if there are other species out there that consciously take their own lives. How is it that as precious as life is, we can be pushed to end it in one swift motion? Mental illness has become a stigma, a label, and a condition that is frowned upon; however, we all suffer from it in some form.

Think back on how you felt after a breakup. How much control did you have through the tears and pain? How easily could you walk away from the experience and not have suffered some sort of permanent scar, whether small or large?

I have a different definition, and as a writer feel I am entitled to defining words from my perspective, for this affliction.

illness – noun – a disease or period of sickness affecting the body or mind.

The myriad of human emotions that we experience can be just as affected by dis-ease and sickness as the human body.

How many times have you seen a homeless person with mismatched shoes, ragged clothing, and a vacant stare talking to themselves? How many times have you judged that person for their condition? How many times have you paced around your living room talking to yourself because of a bad day, a fight with a significant other, or some other temporary trauma you are trying to work through? What sets you apart from the homeless person talking to themselves about the state of their life? Is the differentiation that you can bounce back and forge ahead until the next issue arises? If so, for how long before it consumes you?

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