The legality of Rape Culture

THESE PEOPLE MADE THIS DECISION:via Court Requires Disabled Rape Victim To Prove She Resisted, Calls For Evidence Of ‘Biting, Kicking, Scratching’.
Rape Culture:
There are a hundred different definitions for this phenomenon.  Victims can be female or male.  Though there is an ever growing concept that the media plays a large part in this thought process, the bottom line is that our legal system perpetuates this ever increasing acceptance of defining RAPE as anything other than RAPE.  The politicians, attorneys and judges in this country are apathetic to the reality of this horrendous crime. Being a rape survivor (I was 17), I can tell you that even today (I’m 54 now) I can relive that experience in explicit and painful detail. It never goes away. Back then, RAPE wasn’t talked about…if it happened to you, you lived with it, silently.  Today, it’s an openly discussed crime, yet the discussion is far removed from the reality.

I’m curious. If this had been the child of one of these people, would the ruling have been any different?

That is all.