The law broke the law and I won!

In light of shedding an old self and embracing a new one, there is this transition period of adapting to the new skin.  I decided the best thing to do was dust off my brand new bike (yep, never ridden) and go for a leisurely cruise around my hood.  As I pedaled away from home, water bottle filled, ear buds streaming Evanessence (hey, don’t hate), and my camera safely tucked into my rucksack, I ventured out.

I was not surprised when I landed at the Pier.  I’m gonna miss that place when modernization strips away the old nostalgic landmark.  Anyway, I digress.  My first encounter was with a beautiful pelican preening it’s feathers in the morning sun.  I got as close as a foot and took a picture and he never budged.  A bit further down the pier, I was standing there entranced by the sunlight reflecting from the water, when I noticed a brightly clad Monk taking pictures.  He walked toward me and tripped on the curb.  My first reaction was to say, “oops, be careful.”  He smiled and said, “haha, I was looking at you when I was walking, very bright light in you.”  I was stunned.  I gave him another goofy grin and he moved on.

As I pedaled away from the pier, I decided to take a water break at Spa beach, where I had the opportunity to interact with a young squirrel. He took pieces of apple right out of my hand!

My day felt like it got off to a great start so I headed home.  While waiting at the light on 4th Street and 2nd Avenue North, I reflected back on what the Monk said.  My crossing light turned white, I began to pedal into the intersection, when a police car took a hard fast left off of 2nd Avenue and had to swerve to avoid hitting me.  Scared the hell out of both of us.  He slowed and wagged his finger at me.  I wagged my finger back and pointed to the crossing light.  He looked, shook his head, and drove away.

Me thinks there is a protective light around me.

That is all.