The end of life a mistake?

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The end of life a mistake?

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I’m not sure what direction to go in with this story as I’m all over the place with it.

So ideally, one might see this as a race issue. No.

Then of course there is the idea that this took place in a neighborhood of “color.” No.

Here’s what has me scratching my head, drooling like a daft puppy, and wringing my hands in consternation.

This comment in the article:
“We did the best surveillance we could do, and a mistake was made,” Lebanon Police Chief Billy Weeks said. “It’s a very severe mistake, a costly mistake. It makes us look at our own policies and procedures to make sure this never occurs again.” He said, however, the two policemen were not at fault.

Okay, point number one: how does one deem the loss of an innocent life “a mistake?” This man likely spent a lifetime working, following the law, and was looking forward to his elder years with his wife. Eradicating that is a “mistake?” How about being rash, not following procedure, implementing faulty intel, ah hell the list goes on. You Mr. Weeks are liable for the actions of your men. Eventually we know shit will roll downhill during your investigation. Inevitable.

You are NOW looking at policies and procedures after a life is lost? Shouldn’t that have been the case from the jump? Who’s responsibility is it to “understand those policies and procedures?” How much comfort will this man’s wife have when you tell her you will make changes so “this never happens again?”

Lastly, the two policemen are not at fault. When they burst into the house. How much of a threat did they perceive from an elderly woman when they cuffed her and threw her to the floor? As tumultuous as times are, wouldn’t it be logical for her husband to come to her defense? Since these officers did not identify themselves, he did what any of us would have done, leapt into kill or be killed mode. This man fired one round from a sawed off shotgun, hitting neither officer and they pumped three bullets into his body. This was not an incapacitate the man with the gun, but kill the man with the gun while his wife is pleading and telling them they had the wrong house scenario. Boys with toys is an adequate view of what seems to be happening more and more these days. Boys, you can’t take those bullets back. Now, yes now and forever more, you have to live with this tragedy. I don’t profess to judge their response in light of the idea they were acting in self preservation state of mind.I suppose judgment should definitely not be made against them. I do, however, believe Mr. Weeks has some restitution to pay and some serious questions to answer. This is one time shit needs to roll uphill.