The Cougar journey…

About two years ago I began a research project for my new book, Prowling For Cubs: Tales of a Cougar.  Thanks to my daughter who created a page for me on a  Cougar site, this idea blossomed and grew.  I came to realize several years ago that a phenomenon was sweeping across the country that followed on the tail of Demi and Ashton, Cher and any young guy in her life, and…well you get the picture.  This union of older woman younger man was visible on numerous connection sites.  I became intrigued with the reasoning behind it.  The collection of research for this book was done in a unique way and has garnered over 700 pages of notes.  In light of my school commitments over the past year, I have had to put this book in a drawer and focus on my studies.

Today, I heard a knocking in that drawer and a little voice saying, “hey, quit procrastinating and get back to work.”  So, here I am, working into the wee hours of the morning, a smile on my face, a glass of wine within reach, and a flood of creativity pouring itself onto the page.  I had a conversation today with a playwright, Edward Perry, where we discussed sometimes having to ride the tide when a creative hook grabs us despite having to go to work the next day.  Luckily, I don’t have to be there until 2:00pm so I’m definitely on a ride tonight.

The genre of the book is one that I’ve never undertaken before.  The book is fiction (which I’ve done before with my novel), it is filled with humor (which I’ve never attempted before), and it shows how internet connections are never really what they appear to be.  The protagonist, Luna, shares her adventures on her quest to find the ultimate boy-toy.  What she encounters along the way leaves the reader wondering why she continues on the quest despite the constant disappointments and fumbled meetings.  You are guaranteed to laugh your way through this book!

My goal is to finish Prowling For Cubs: Tales of a Cougar by the end of July and have a book signing in August.  Hmm, I’m wondering if I should find myself a young man to accompany me to bring across the message in the book.  Any takers?

That is all.