The age old struggle

The inner battle begins early in life.

Dark=bad decisions and choices
Light=divine and universal intervention

Every pain, every sadness, every negative energy force in my life has dictated the paths I have chosen.

When the battle ensues because you’re just damned fed up with feeling like shit, it’s epic.

There are good days and bad days, almost like some bipolar roller coaster ride that never ends. Every time you get ahead and feel good, some perceived catastrophe invades your world and turns it all upside down.

So, you finally get to the point where you make a conscious decision to revoke residential rights to the “Dark.” You embrace the “Light” and convince yourself you have control over the battle and defeat the bad things that drive you into despair.

Doesn’t usually happen, right?

I have come to understand something so simple it’s actually baffling.

When we expel the bad, the dark, the negative, there is an empty place. Here’s where the problem arises. We feel so good at having expelled it that we get all yahoo like and forge ahead. But…what happens when you dig a hole, pile the dirt around the edges, and it rains?

The dirt becomes mud and falls into the hole filling it back up, and not with something different than what was in there to begin with but with the same old crap.

Once you expel the bad and fill up with all that good stuff, you have to take the next step…EMBRACE it. Realize just how full of good things you are during the upswing. Once that happens there is no empty space to fill.

Hence…there can only be good in your personal Universe.