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The age old question

Who are THEY?

You know when you have that conversation with someone and they say, „yeah, that’s what THEY told me?“ We never really question who THEY are.

Is it some kind of alien race or secret society? Is it the collective consciousness of every asshole out there in the world? Is it an easy word to throw into the conversation when we don’t have anyone tangible to blame? Are THEY real?

THEY are the boss that tells you he’s so sorry your child is gravely ill, but he really needs you to come into work because his bonus depends on the project YOU have worked on being done in time.

THEY are male lawmakers that oversee determinations about laws that affect women, like rape, equal pay, and feminine health. Makes sense doesn’t it, since they know what being a woman is all about?

THEY are the politicians living off of huge incomes that determine how much of our hard earned money should be extracted from our paychecks to ensure they are not affected by the „recession“ (which by the way is a word they throw out there to scare the hell out of us. I saw no signs of a recession this Christmas season). That word has been created so we will stay complacent with the idea that our country is hurting so bad that an $8.00 an hour minimum wage is all THEY can justify. (By the way, that’s enough to buy about two gallons of gas)

THEY are the bosses you work for that take advantage of you because they know how desperately you have to cling to your job. They know you live paycheck to paycheck and losing that could put you on the street. Last I checked that fell into the abuse category. If you’re really lucky you could be living and working in Florida, a right to work state, which means you can be fired because you wore green instead of blue at work one day. Yep, no legitimate reason required to fire someone. Believe me, THEY take advantage of that backwards ass law.

THEY are the racist judges that determine a sentence like this. You’re white, affluent, and educated – slap on the wrist. You’re black, steeped in poverty, and the product of an inadequate inner city school system – life sentence. Scary part, SAME CRIME. I’m not standing on a „the world is racist“ soapbox, but have you seen the statistics lately of the ration between blacks and whites in prison? And, lets be real, racism is alive and well in America. As a matter of fact, it’s coming back with a vengeance.

So, yes, THEY do exist. It’s just so much easier to say THEY than to try and weave through the morass of douche bags out there exhibiting douchebaggery unchecked. I say it’s about time THEY are held accountable.

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