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May 15, 2017 – Sandra Beasley/Mentor

Sandra was my third Mentor in the MFA program and I will admit, my first impression was that she was a very quiet and demure lady. She was always at the seminars, camped on the floor in the corner, furiously […]

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May 13, 2017 – Gregg Bachman/Mentor

Dr. Gregg Bachman was one of my professors in my undergrad program at UT. I was there to earn my Bachelors Degree in Creative Writing. It was a huge choice for me to return to school for a higher education […]

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It’s like swiping a cloth across a grimy window and finally being able to see outside.

I’ve been going through some very intense transitions the past few months. That saying of, „when it rains it pours,“ has been quite apt for my current life track. There are so many factors that occur to throw a person […]

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Suicidal thoughts of a Thanatophobe

‎“It is in your darkest hour, when you stand face to face with your inner demons that you understand who you are. It is also when you realize the depth of your strength and faith to overcome the compulsion to […]

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