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A Poet's Life

Daily Gratitude 1/12/14

Today I am grateful for rest. I spent the majority of the day running errands, cleaning house and getting caught up on things that had pretty much gone undone while in my MFA Residency. It feels good not having to cross the bridge today! Whew, that became grueling. Thinking next term I might just plan…
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Daily Gratitude 1/3/14

Today I am grateful for the beginning of a new experience. I have started my two year quest to earn a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Poetry! I will admit, I am overwhelmed, exhausted, and my mind if reeling from all of the information that it has been filled with today… I will admit,…
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Today was a day chock full of things to be grateful for. Despite having a rocky start to my day after therapy, I pulled myself out of the abyss I often like to dwell in and realized I am just in another place of transition. What I am most grateful for today is that my…
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