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A Poet's Life

Day 17 Gratitude

I am so very grateful for having had the opportunity to engage in a fun and challenging activity today.  It was amazing! I was a part of something extraordinary. I participated in the Pretty Muddy 5k Run with Obstacles.  After volunteering to help with check in, I was pretty excited to get to the starting line…
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Day 16 Gratitude

I am grateful for the road trip I’m about to take with my friend to Boca Raton.  We are going to meet a new friend and participate in a 5k run with obstacles and a side of mud. I’ve never even considered being a part of something like this, but with my newfound love for…
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Day 14 Gratitude

I am grateful that through the lessons I’ve learned about eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise that I was able to avert becoming more sick than I did.  One day of fever, sore throat, stuffy head, and body aches and I’m feeling better.  I truly believe that a lot of the health issues we…
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Day 13 Gratitude

I find it interesting that despite feeling ill with some weird flu bug, I still find it in my heart and mind to be grateful.  I am grateful for the friend that was willing to drive over 30 miles to come and check on me.  She has been a most wonderful new friendship in my…
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Day 8 Gratitude

I am grateful for the bountiful joy that is my life.  There is nothing I cannot accomplish and achieve.  Every step I take, no matter what direction I go in, leads me to a level of higher consciousness of what my purpose is.  There is no limit of positive outcomes that will present themselves to…
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