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Daily Gratitude 11/2/15

Today I am grateful for many things. I will have the opportunity to meet my favorite poet and an incredible person, Patricia Smith, during my final MFA Residency in January. What a way to end two years of amazingness. I […]

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There is a bittersweet irony in discovering that I am no longer the poet I thought I was. I have transcended the need for validation from a community. I revel in being an individual. It has been inside of me […]

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Daily Gratitude 1/14/14

Today I am grateful for the little things that often go unnoticed.

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Daily Gratitude 1/13/14

Today I am grateful to have time to revisit the notes I took for school. I was so overloaded while in the moment that I didn’t really have time to process much of it. My list of authors to look […]

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Daily Gratitude 1/5/14

Today I am grateful for making it through a 15 hour day at my MFA program. As exhausted as I am, I cannot even begin to find words for the appreciation I carry in the depths of my being for […]

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As I write the final of my 30 gratitudes for November 2013, I am overwhelmed. As much as I have focused through the years on the difficult journey my life has been, I’ve spent the past 30 days so far […]

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Today I am grateful for the gathering of friends, the understanding of family, and the abundance of love that comes from realizing just how precious and beautiful life is. This has never been a day of celebrating a historic moment […]

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Today I am grateful for the gift of brainstorming with an extremely talented artist that helped me to open my mind to bigger possibilities than I gave myself credit for. Oftentimes, artists place limitations on what they think they can […]

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Today I am grateful for the gift of having a warm place to sleep when it’s cold outside. Though I live in Florida and rarely feel it is cold enough to know I could freeze to death if I had […]

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Today I am grateful for my safe arrival in Nashville. The flight was smooth, actually not very long, and I sat next to a wonderful elderly couple. I am also grateful for the realization that sometimes putting distance between myself […]

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