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Guns and dead exes

Read this article Whew. I cannot tell you how very grateful I am to the company that produces this product. I have actually thought of writing a letter thanking them for the following thought process in creating this target: The […]

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The end of life a mistake?

Read This I’m not sure what direction to go in with this story as I’m all over the place with it. So ideally, one might see this as a race issue. No. Then of course there is the idea that […]

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When the protector becomes the villain

Watch this video The military has put into place certain persons that are assigned with protecting victims of sexual assault. I had an interesting conversation a few days ago regarding the inundation of articles, statistics, and occurrences of rape and […]

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Suppressing our youth

Read this article I do believe this world and the people on it have benefitted greatly from curious minds. Most of what we have today as far as medicine, industry, technology, our food supply, and the list goes on, has […]

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Apology not accepted

An apology from Li’l Wayne. I understand this is his apology to the Till family for making such a horrendous string of lyrics in this music (which in my opinion sucks). This went below and beyond sick and insensitive. Dear […]

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Fending for ourselves

I have lost so much faith in the law through the years. I have lost so much faith in the idea that „we“ can be safe in our female skin. Above all else, I have lost the fear of going […]

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Today’s light breakfast reading is based on the following rant: RAPE of female soldiers in the military. I am an Army brat, ex Army wife, and ex Marine wife. I am a supporter of our troops and admire the sacrifice […]

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Why this obsession with breasts?

Breast= boobs, knockers, milk bags, tits, hooters, tatas, mother lodes, lip fodder… Really? Why this desire to validate a woman’s femininity and sexuality by the size of her breasts? My sisters implant foreign matter into their bodies and profess it’s […]

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Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Flip Flop… Back and Forth… Not knowing my purpose… Trying to recycle, reinvent, remold, the writer… No… I am who I am…I write what I write…I have evolved beyond perceptions of angry poet and/or beating a subject to death. Until […]

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Pushed into a corner

Step the Fuck Off! I will no longer be demeaned degraded subjugated suppressed humiliated embarrassed controlled manipulated and held in FEAR As a matter of fact: Yesterday I took the fear cape off raised my fist in the air and […]

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