Swim suits and human props

Happy Sunday to all…

I woke up feeling quite calm and peaceful today, however, that does not ever prevent me from sharing a spew or two…

For today, check out this article: Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Article

Hmm…wonder where I’m going with this. Well, I’ve had to sit on it for a few days and digest exactly how I feel about it all.

After reading the article again, this is what I came up with…

First of all I don’t fully understand the concept of all this brouhaha around a magazine dedicated to swimwear.

As you can see by the models, the majority of the female population couldn’t use most of these suits to cover a thigh, let alone a whole body.

In my debri filled mind, I see this as a perpetuation of destroying women’s self esteem and further creating body image issues.

The fact that these women are photoshopped and their bodies are molded with a computer program, likely eludes most young girls/women. THEY DON’T REALLY LOOK LIKE THIS!

Putting them in exotic places with human props further enhances the dissatisfaction women face with their lot in life. How in the hell can I be satisfied with living a “normal” life, when the beautiful, perfectly molded women out there are having all the fun?


What the hell is with the people props? What exactly does that have to do with swimwear?

So we have the Spanish looking girl in Spain, the Asian looking girl in China, the white girl in China, the white girl in Africa, the white girl in Australia, the white girl in Antartica…


However, true to form, the depiction of the African in Namibia is a man in loin cloth and spear, because Africans certainly don’t live in cities, have jobs, and wear clothes. I’m just really surprised that they didn’t pick some 1950’s Black Buck depiction to offset the tiny, fair white woman.

Can you explain to me why a half naked woman would have a backdrop of young girls in their native garb, which if you notice is about as non-body defining as it gets? What message does this send out there? How many of those little girls are thinking, wow, I want to grow up to look like that. Fuck individuality and body acceptance.

…and finally…

Though all of these models are tiny women with small breasts, there is the obligatory model with the big breasts to cater to the boob lovers. Why not just apply some tape to her nipples and spray paint her crotch and call it a day?

I’m so ready for a society that doesn’t implant derogatory, stereotypical,and narrow minded views into each of us as a means to control our thought processes.

LADIES – None of this is real and it certainly does not define the true feminine. What we have to offer the world and humanity comes from the soul not from the body.

GENTS – This is not who and what we are. Given the opportunity to be free of the shackles placed upon our individuality by preconceived ideas of perfection, is a liberation beyond words.

And that is all.