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Serenity resides in this writer’s mind today

Photo by Robert Rostick @TRG Studios in Tampa

Photo by Robert Rostick @TRG Studios in Tampa

Yesterday was a rough day…however, that was yesterday.

This morning I arose and went to my first Yoga class. It is EVERYTHING I’ve been told it is. I spent an hour grounding myself and enjoyed being in the now. There was an amazing sense of oneness between my body and my mind. I am grateful. Namaste.

When I got home, I decided it was an equally great day to begin my morning meditations. I saged my totem pole and myself to release all of the negative energy I have been absorbing and sending back into the Universe. I feel cleansed. My totem is open and ready for a connection.

I realized how easily we can be drawn into negativity by owning other people’s behaviors and thinking they must impact our own. Being judgmental of how someone is or thinks draws a sense of needing to dwell in their moments of negativity. Letting that go will be most difficult for me as an empath, yet, I know it can and will be done.

In the past I have dreaded putting positive words on my blog, my FB page, my books, and anywhere else for that matter. For some reason the positivity is not what most want to hear from the Angry Poet. I am much more than the Angry Poet. It is easier to absorb the negativity, the rage, the discontent. Fortunately, I’m not doing this to please the salacious need people have to dwell in the darkness with me. I’m doing this so people can understand where I have arrived. I’m one of the fortunate ones and for that I am grateful, but I also realize I am where I am because of me and my desire to embrace overcoming the trauma of a tough life. My purpose is not to embrace the darkness, but to revel in the light.

Today, I am the wolf. Strong, fearless, and driven to accomplish what I set out to do.

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