Reinvention is a state of being

“Reinvention is a state of being, not just a state of mind…” ~rml~

I can remember before summer came around and I was pulled back into a 9-6, M-F grind, how great it felt to take a walk around the lake every morning.  Four laps equals just a bit over 2 miles.

With fanny pack (hey, don’t judge) on, iPod attached, and my walking shoes primed, I headed out every morning at 8:30.  Things were just starting to come to life, the few homeless people that camped at the lake had staked their spots, the worker bees were entering their four story concrete and glass prison for the day, and the birds were coming back from wherever they go at night.  It felt good.

I didn’t realize how much I missed that walk until I started again yesterday.

The difference now is, I’m going through a major life transition and that walk has two purposes.  Of course, it’s a great way to lose those extra 10 pounds I’ve been wanting to shed, and it is a very health conscious process, but more so, I find myself noticing things much more.  Sounds, smells, sensations, like the tingle that raises the hair on my arms when the occasional breeze rolls across my body.  I notice how grateful I am to be alive and ever evolving.

Change your life and the outlook you have of it.  Take a walk, and if you get a chance, throw some hula-hooping in there too.  What a great way to tone the muscles!

That is all.