Rape Culture personified


You must read the attached articles. If you are not incensed, you are not human.

Rape Culture Article


We can’t state this enough, the damn stuff makes sex almost violent, in a good way, of course!! … 45 minutes after taking S.W.A.G you will start to feel a little buzz… [that will] give you a sense of urgency to go crush someone. You’ll actually start to feel BIGGER in the process. The rest of the story is whatever you make it, and believe us; you will have a story to tell.”

Okay, so I know people that boycott shit for whatever reason makes them feel like they are helping a cause. Gay Bashing, Racism, Sexism, and the list goes on and on. Businesses seem to have it set in their minds that we mindless sheep will continue to allow this completely irresponsible behavior in promoting products, introducing personal beliefs, edicts and ideas, without repercussions.

As is stated in the article, this isn’t about having sex with a woman, this is about having sex with a vagina.

1 in 3 women will be victims of sexual assault. 1 in 3 women. 1 in 3 women. I’m one, so the out of the next three women that read this one of you will be or has been a victim of sexual assault.

About two years ago, I was out on a deck at a bar with 7 women. Six (6) of us had been victims of some kind of sexual assault or domestic violence. 6 out of 7. 6 out of 7.

Is this hitting you yet?

At what point in the our CIVILIZED society have we deemed the battering, raping and murdering of women to be acceptable?

At what point are we so fearful to let our daughters go to school, the store, a concert, the park that we practically keep them attached at the hip?

At what point can you say you stand in a room full of women and wonder how many are living in an ongoing hell because they have been sexually assaulted?

And on another note…

At what point am I embarrassed to call people like Lil Wayne, human? How about now?

“Yesterday, Epic records agreed to pull the remixed song “Karate Chop” by rapper, Future featuring a verse from mega-star emcee Lil Wayne, referencing slain civil rights era icon Emmet Till. In the song Wayne states he will, “beat that pussy like its Emmet Till.”

For those of you that don’t know Emmet Till, here is his story:
Till (14) was transported to a barn, beaten, one eye gouged out, shot through the head and disposed of in the Tallahatchie River, weighted down with a 70-pound (32 kg) cotton gin fan tied around his neck with barbed wire. His body was discovered and retrieved from the river three days later.

Lil Wayne, you are an embarrassment and a disgrace to your ancestors.