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Rant #1 for the day

Here is how my car insurance company (Geico) works in the state of Florida.

Three and half years ago, I was rear ended and spun 180 degrees on my way home one afternoon. I had just moved to St. Pete a few weeks before it happened. A St. Pete police officer came to take statements, etc. About a month later, my insurance company contacted me and told me the accident was in my favor and I was not deemed responsible. One would think that is not rocket science as I was hit from behind. A month after that, I was contacted again and told I was now deemed responsible because the Police Officer wrote on the report that I did not give a statement and neither did the witness. Lies. Soooo…my insurance went up almost $30.00 per month for three years. Geico just renewed my insurance and the monthly fee is still the same. Soooo…I call and ask why.

Here is the answer: Well, Ma’am, we are certainly happy you are a Geico family member. Let me look at your policy. Ah, yes, I see here that we did an assessment of your area and there is an increased number of auto accidents in your zip code. In light of that everyone’s rates go up.

Me: So, let me get this straight. You are the insurance company. Thousands of people pay their policies to protect themselves and you tell me that we, the consumers are who you use to pay out policies?

Him: Yes, Ma’am.

Me: Isn’t that an insurance company’s responsibility?

Him: Yes, Ma’am, but that is how claims are paid.

Me: So in essence, it has become my responsibility to pay claims for some idiot driver I don’t even know?

Him: Yes, Ma’am.

Me: Well, then, I feel as if I am a Geico employee. Where do I pick up my paycheck? How do I claim my Insurance benefits? And please provide the account number for my retirement fund.

Him: I’m sorry, Ma’am. I understand your frustration.

Me: Hell no you don’t. I’m sure the upper echelon of employees are not struggling to eat and put a roof over their heads, because I’m inclined to believe that there are not nearly enough accidents going on in my area to even come remotely close to how much money your company takes in.

Him: Yes Ma’am.

I still told him to have a nice day because he’s a slave to the system like most of the people in this country.

As always…assume the position.

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