Perpetuating Victim Blaming Mentality

Yesterday, I came across a Facebook page of a “freinded person” that truly disturbed me.  I have learned through the years how people that think they are advocates for a cause tend to do more harm than good.  The intention of this post is not to out this guy or try to destroy his business, I feel he’s doing that quite well on his own, but to create some awareness.

This business owner in Pasco County took it upon himself to turn in a suspected sexual offender who as a result of everything that happened, killed himself.  Now, I’m not here to talk about the legality or morality of having to bear that responsibility, but I am here to tell you that his underlying diatribe of shit is what really hit me hard.  Most of his rants have to do with how he is here to help protect women and their children that are victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.  Noble, yes?

How does he do this?  By bashing the women that stay in these types of relationships.  In essence, he feels if a woman stays she deserves it, and she doesn’t love her children, because she keeps them in that dangerous situation.

Here’s where my rage kicks in.  Who the hell are you?  How do you get to judge something you have no knowledge of?  You profess you can definitely sling beer.  I say, go back to running your business and leave  the defense of victims to those that have some knowledge of what it means to be in that kind of living hell.  It is exactly this type of moronic diatribe that perpetuates the victim is at fault mentality.  And, for those of you that support him and make jokes about his very degrading comments, shame on you.

That is all.