October 11, 1973

Dear Diary

Hi again.  I talked to Latoya today.  She was cool, but I don’t know if she likes me.  After school I went to the store and spent my allowance on black stuff.  I bought a huge pick that folds in half called a rake.  I also bought some new music.  Isaac Hayes, the Commodores, Aretha Franklin.  I wish I could have bought more but $3.65 for an album is a lot.  Anyway, I bought some clothes too.  I got these really cool red, black, green and yellow tube socks.  Those are the colors of the black nation, I guess.  I asked my dad if he had any dashiki’s I could have and he gave me four.  I don’t think he likes that I’m doing this.  After I’m done with my homework, I’m gonna wash my hair and pick it out while it dries.  I hope it works.  So, tomorrow I go to school as a black girl.  My friends are gonna flip out.

Talk to ya later.