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Not so numb

Drug of choice…

What is your addiction to escape/deal with the pressures of life?

There is a wide array out there both legal and illegal. I’m still a bit unclear as to how alcohol is legal and marijuana is not. No matter how hard the powers that be try to convince us that smoking and driving can cause your little brother’s death (remember those commercials?), I find it hard to grasp how someone driving 30 miles an hour to Taco Bell as opposed to someone doing 90 and being completely incoherent can even be compared.

So, we as carbon life forms have a difficult time dealing with daily stresses in order to function in a way that keeps our governments and mega corporations in control of our lives. The automated track we live on day to day dictates everything we do from birth through death. It isn’t until you step off of the track that the whole concept of the Matrix might actually seem real. As long as we follow the well hollowed out grooves of conformity, we are safe.

Lately I’ve met more and more people that are willing to step outside of it all and rebel against the idea that we can’t make our own decisions and mandate our own life agendas. There is a price to pay. Poverty, homelessness, illness, isolation, and an overall deprivation of connectedness with society as a whole. As long as you play the game by the rules, the things you are deprived of seem more tolerable because you get the well ingrained bone of just enough money to keep you from teetering on the edge of being poor, without shelter, sick and dying and above all else, alone in your misery.

Numbing the mind is an alternative to dealing with the reality of this fucked up, pre-programmed, hamster wheel existence. It has nothing to do with being weak. It has nothing to do with being inept. It has everything to do with living in a world of drones with the promise of making your life better by working yourself to death for those that pay you. That just doesn’t make sense. Not at all.

Does it even seem like a far stretch to want to rarely, occasionally, or frequently want to disconnect?

I found over the years that none of the „substances“ I’ve tried have worked well enough to numb my mind. My brain just keeps right on going at hyper speed, trying to make a difference.

My drug of choice is my writing. It is in that zone that I don’t think about changing my personal circumstances and focus totally on how I can change the bigger picture beyond „me.“ In an „I“ driven world it is highly unlikely that change will come anytime soon. It isn’t until it shifts to a „we“ driven society that there is a chance of not going out in a blaze of genetic mutations.

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