“My Skin Is Too Tight, So I’m Getting Out”

About a month and a half ago I had a full system failure, hard drive crash, and complete meltdown.  I was trying to figure out my sudden obsession with death and my dreams about dying.  For just a quick minute I didn’t think about how my passing would affect my children, my family, my extended family and my friends.  I was just thinking about myself and I couldn’t grasp why I felt that way because I’ve never embraced the “me” thing.  Call it PTSD, call it coming down from an intense year of completing a Masters Degree, call it realizing mortality, or just call it an overall disconnection from who or what I’m supposed to be at this point in my life.

I talked to my friend Stacy about it and she brought a rather interesting connection to my attention.  Death is not always literal.  Many of the transitions people go through have to do with life changes.  I definitely fit into that category as I’ve experienced many transitions that have changed the course of my life.  Stacy pointed out that she’d been observing me over time and noticed these subtle yet profound changes going on in my personal universe.  We had that aha moment when she said, yeah, I think you need to have a funeral.  I was stunned.

My creative side sprung to life and I realized that this is the biggest life transition I will go through.  Gracefully and acceptingly flowing into the second part of my life.  The writer in me immediately grasped onto the idea of putting together a book of poetry and images that show the transition away from my past and the darkness it has represented.  I’m sending that person out to sea with all of the dignity and grace she deserves.  I immediately thought of my friend Shannon who is an amazing photographer and incredibly talented artist to work with me on this project.  I believe Shannon and I can infuse our collaborative talents and make a beautiful book that will show how poetry and photographs can have a profound impact on healing.

Stay tuned for updates!

That is all.