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My Revolution Will Be Televised!

That amazing epiphanous moment when you realize conforming is the quickest way to kill your creativity.

I have NEVER tooted my own horn. I certainly didn’t want to come across as narcissistic or self-absorbed. There is fine line between those two things and believing in yourself. I happen to believe in myself.

I don’t do what I do to belong to something or be accepted into or by an individual, group or organization…I do what I do, first out of love for my craft, then out of the desire to use my VOICE to create change before my time is up.

I write constantly, and I’ve published 8 poetry books over the past 7 years. I will never negate that accomplishment or what lies between the covers of my books. I have changed and saved lives because of them.

Now the time has come to step out from between the covers of my books and SPEAK my mind. Though I have performed at and hosted several open mic’s, I’ve always focused on promoting my fellow poets and sharing their accomplishments with the audience. I tended to linger in the background and just read my poetry as a host obligation. I have hesitated to express myself vocally like I do on the page and my true voice was suppressed by fear of judgment.

I am a storyteller. When I speak, I know people listen. I am many things creatively and I am constantly evolving. Evolution inevitably becomes verbal. I have arrived at that point and my Revolution Will Be Televised.

Peace and Thank You.

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