Men’s gentle souls…

We so often read and hear about how women suffer at the hands of less than noble partners. We also make the assumption that men are hard and don’t feel the same suffering at the hands of less than decent women.

I have watched a very close friend lay his soul upon a platter, put his heart upon his sleeve, and do nothing less than give, give, and give, only to be shunned by a woman that has been so self-absorbed she couldn’t and still can’t  see beyond her needs and desires. I found my hackles have arisen over the past few days as I have watched him further take on the blame for her bad behavior and in his noble way put her upon a pedestal and place a halo atop her head.  Even through his pain he cannot find it in his heart to acknowledge that she is a less than nice person.

I have been so obsessed with misogynistic behavior and men that mistreat and abuse women, that I’ve forgotten we do not have a market on feeling pain and being on the receiving end of equally mean spirited women.

Men do cry. Men do feel. Men do suffer just as much as women do.

Let’s not forget that.

That is all.