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May 9, 2017 – Sean Thomas Dougherty/Stage Presence

So I have to start this post out with a WOW! Up until Sean arrived for the Lectores Series at UT, I’d been blown away by the writers, inspired by the poets, and intrigued by the world of wordsmiths I’d entered, but Sean took it to the next level. Prior to beginning the MFA Program, I had written poetry primarily for performance (Spoken Word), and after listening to Sean realized I could integrate poems on the page to poems on the stage.

We were in the Chapel on campus which is actually a bit of an overwhelming building (check it out if you’re local, it’s open to the public), so when Sean took the pulpit it was immediately evident, the building embraced him and amped his presence up even more. His poetry is off the chain, his presentation is captivating, and he’s the nicest guy to chat with.

After his reading/performance, I practically bowled him over with excitement when I went to get my book signed. My mind was officially blown. I had the opportunity to sit and chat with him over a beer and glass of wine. He is an incredibly brilliant person.

I was so thrilled that his book contained prose poems which have always intrigued me. I was inspired to learn how to read and write them. Sean is a huge advocate of poets and music and I enjoy remaining in contact on Social Media. He has a ton of books out there so pick them up!

If you get a chance, read this book:







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