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May 5, 2017 – Henry Rollins/No Apologies

I was turned on to Henry Rollins about 10 years ago by a friend. We were in Barnes & Noble and I was desperately looking for something new. She directed me to the book Eye Scream, by Henry Rollins. I was immediately intrigued by the cover and figured, what they hey, why not?

Henry is a self made artist that let nothing stand in his way. I am inspired by that. He took a chance and it worked out well for him. Henry is one of the most down to earth, real people out there in the fabricated world of fame and fortune. I had the great fortune of meeting him after a show in Orlando. I had written an email to him a while back and told him I had a tattoo on my back with a quote of his. I’d stated that I wanted to use a picture of the tattoo and his quote on the cover of a book I was self publishing. He was thrilled and said yes. So fast forward again, when I went up to him to get his autograph on the CD I’d purchased, I mentioned the email and he remembered. I gave him a copy of the book as well as another one I’d written that was dedicated to him. I’m sure they ended up in the circular file, but it is a moment I’ll never forget.

If you get a chance, read this book! You will not be disappointed.







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