May 5, 1974

Dear Diary,

Hi.  I guess you figured out some things have changed.  I’m back to being me and I’m back to being happy.  A lot of bad stuff happened over the past few months.  Latoya and I had a big fight.  She started talking about my old friends and other white kids in the school, calling them whitey.  The rest of the black kids are really different.  They’re not rebels or racists; they’re just comfortable being with their friends.  I think they’re scared to step outside of that.  Latoya is mean and nasty and all of us are tired of her.  No one wants to be friends with her anymore.  My friends took me back and said they understood what happened to me and why I changed.  They all told me they like me for me and my skin color doesn’t matter.  Those are real friends.  My dad is really happy I’m back to being me.  I learned a lot from all of this.  I let that girl change me into someone who is just as bad as the KKK.  Yeah, I learned about them too.  I know when I go back to the States I have to deal with that.  I’m kind of scared about seeing guys with white hoods that want to hurt me.  But, I’m sure I can deal with it.  For now, while I’m here, I’ll just be happy with being me.  By the way, I’m going to the Aerosmith concert.  I have a front row seat, a present from my friends.  Far out!  We’re gonna rock.  Steven Tyler is awesome.

Talk to ya later.