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March 30, 2017 – The Pause In My Tattoo Journey

So that is the trail of tales that tell the story of a human canvas.

I am by no means finished and I’m sure there a still quite a few profound, life altering, and epiphanous moments to come.

I look forward to telling more stories in ink, and I’m sure the day will come that a poem I write will so deeply affect em that I’ll put it on my body permanently. I love my tats and the story they tell. I do not pay attention to judgment or sideways glances. I do not pay attention to the condescending remarks total strangers have made.

I do realize that each time I put a new tattoo on my body, it reaffirms that I am safe. I will never again live in the pain and fear that was such an integral part of my existence. My body is mine. I do not have to ask for permission to own it. There is nothing more liberating for this survivor.

Stay Tuned…#365daysoftransformation

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