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March 29, 2017 – The Forgotten Lotus

Whenever people ask how many tattoos I have, or when think about the story of my journey, I often forget this tattoo.

The lotus is my favorite flower. Not only does it have a deep rooted meaning behind it, but there is a sense of mysticism when it comes to this beautiful part of nature.

I had a lotus on my right shoulder for a while, but decided to cover it up with my Egyptian theme.

I knew I wanted to put it somewhere on my body again and found the most logical place to be where no one outside of a lover would see it. When thinking about all of my tats and where they are placed, this one is still a mystery to me. I’m not sure why I chose to put this flower on my pelvis, and why I chose the colors I did, because all of my tats are black with shading. When I look at my lotus, I have moments of feeling soft, feminine, and serene. It does not carry a story and there is no unveiled secret behind it.

I suppose my connection to this lotus has everything to do with those rare occasions when my mind rests, when I can lay down my battle gear, when my heart flutters at the thought of finding someone to love me and someone to love in return. It is the symbol of those moments in time that belong only to me.

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