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March 24, 2017 – More Duality and Self Love

This tattoo was originally a man and woman embracing. I asked Keller to change it to the image of two women embracing. My main reason for that had everything to do with a lifelong issue of not being able to embrace myself for who I am and not having a clear understanding of how to love myself.

I’ve spent more time over the decades of my life admonishing myself on so many levels. I never felt pretty enough, smart enough, brave enough, or free enough to jump into life with both feet and live it to the fullest. I have lived decades of self-doubt about the many facets that make me a woman.

I always looked to others and thought how wonderful it would be to love freely, not only myself, but others. I’ve never held judgment for men that love men or women that love women, and I certainly never felt the only acceptable way to love was between a man and a woman. I’ve defined myself as gender fluid and have accepted that I can love someone for who they are, not for what genitalia resides between their legs. I’ve embraced the idea that loving someone comes from a place of mutual respect, honesty, compassion, and above all else, truth. That is what I seek in the person I would like to spend my life with. For now, the only person I can find that in is myself. Love should NEVER hurt, whether physically or emotionally.

Loving one’s self, is the ultimate step towards learning how to love others. This tattoo defines my willingness to embrace myself, love myself, and accept myself, and hopefully find someone that is worthy of the depth of my love and I theirs.

Stay Tuned…#365daysoftransformation

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