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March 23, 2017 – A Quill, An Inkwell, A Poet

This is by far one of my favorite tattoos. The tattoo is designed by Keller. I basically told him what I was looking for and BAM, there it is.

This tattoo signifies the depth to which I embrace poetry and being a poet. I have always loved the idea of poets sitting in candlelight, a full inkwell, and beautiful tufted quill in hand, spilling woes and tales of love.

My passion for poetry has lived in me since I was a young child. I fell in love with the melody of words strung together to tell a tale and the idea that getting a message across didn’t require a novel.

I got this tattoo when I made the commitment to dedicate my writer’s self, my creative core to poetry. Despite the negative ideas people have about the ability to succeed as a poet in the literary world, I forged ahead with my goals and dreams. People said poetry was dead, along with the old white guys that used to write it. I never agreed to that mindset. I looked at my tat every time I hesitated or doubted I’d made a sound decision. I was reassured that I should forge ahead.

I went back to school and graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing/Poetry from the University of Tampa in January of 2016. My life as a poet changed. My poetry changed. My concept of what it takes to be a poet changed. I left that program with an entirely new perspective. I also left that program knowing that aside from the written poems, I was just as passionate about performing on stage. Spoken Word is an equally powerful aspect of poetry alongside the academic vein.

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