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March 22, 2017 – The Allure of Infinity

This tattoo has quite a bizarre story.

This again, is tattoo not done by Keller. I was living in Palm Harbor and just entering a time of very bad health. I had just been released from the hospital with a BP reading of 230/110. Apparently I was a walking stroke. Once my BP was under control and all the test had been run to check for aneurisms and such, they sent me home. The message the cardiologist had for me was, „you really need to quite smoking. You might not be so lucky next time.“ I haven’t had a cigarette since then. That was August 17, 2010. I realized, once again, how close to death I had come.

I knew in light of that, it was time for a tattoo, another story on my body canvas to continue the transitions of my life journey. It was logical to me that an infinity sign would be the most symbolic gesture for having overcome the scare. Over the next three months, my blood pressure spiked constantly and the doctors couldn’t get it under control. I was on seven (7) blood pressure meds. In February of 2011, I went to the Free Clinic in St. Pete and saw a cardiologist. He informed me that I’d had a small heart attack and that I was on way too many meds, some of which had been taken off of the market because they were dangerous. He worked with me over a period of six months and finally got my blood pressure under control with one pill.

It was time for that tattoo. The infinity symbol. The wording around it is „contemplate the infinite,“ two times. While all of this was happening, I met a wonderful lady who was just coming out of traumatic Domestic Violence incident. We connected. She as also a tattoo artist. Though I had promised myself that the only one who would put the needle in my skin would be Keller, I felt a strong enough bond to follow through with this woman. I got the tattoo, which by the way was the most painful one and I’ll never even consider the feet again!

A couple of days later when I went to work, my coworker was looking at my tattoo and commented that it looked odd, like something was missing. Sure enough, the eight ‚t’s and two „f’s“ had only been half done, just the bottom part of those letters. Holy hell, I lost my mind. I went back to her a couple of weeks later, after I healed, so she could fix it. She did, and it worked with no problem. That commitment to Keller has never again been broken.

Stay Tuned…#365daysoftransformation

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