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March 20, 2017 – A Passion For Egyptian Mysteries

I truly fell in love with Egyptian culture and history at a young age. I wanted to believe I was as direct descendent of Nefertiti. I suppose that falls back on the feeling like an ugly duckling mindset.

I read lots of books about Egypt and perused encyclopedias (yep I grew up with them way back when).

One of the things on the top of my bucket list is to go to Egypt. I want to stand beside the pyramids, feel the sand under my feet, check out historical sights, just overall get the feel of a place steeped in ancient times. I decided to start a theme of Egyptian tattoos on both upper arms. This one has the eyes of RA, the Ankh, the three pyramids of Giza, and Nefertiti. On each side of the ankh is an initial, on the left and A and on the right a K. Those are my children’s initials.

The journey these tats signify, have everything to do with being able to escape as a child. When growing up with an abusive parent, I believe children find any way they can to mentally shut down and thus, be better able to deal with the reality of life. My escape has always been books. Books about Egypt took me to a land far away, a land romanticized eons later, a land filled with beauty and mystery; it was somewhere I could be someone other than the person I was in the present. I will be adding to this tattoo as time goes by until it is a half sleeve.

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