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March 19, 2017 – Virginia Woolf, A Quote, and Rebellion

Who shall measure the heat and violence of the poet’s heart when caught and tangled in a woman’s body. ~ Virginia Woolf~


There was quite a special reason behind getting this tattoo that differs just a bit from the others. By the time I had decided on this tattoo, I had made a firm commitment never to work for corporate American again. This was a liberation tattoo. All of my other tats at that point could be covered up by business attire. Since I live in Florida, it is unlikely outside of the week of winter we experience, that I would be sporting long sleeve shirts or blouses.

Aside from that rebellious reason, I absolutely love the quote. There has always been a heat and violence in my heart and it has always fueled the poet in me. These things define everything inside of my body that  make me who I am. I liked the idea of it coming „out“ of my body, through my skin. It’s primal. It’s raw. It is a true statement of who I am.

Most of my tattoos are complete and in the state I want them in. This one is lingering, waiting for more work to be done on it. I’m just letting it sit until I’m ready to add to it.

I know that walking away from life in the box creates it’s own sense of difficulties in dealing with the pressures of life, but ahhhhh, I wouldn’t trade those struggles for anything. No matter what I face, I embrace that heat, that passion, the words, the poet, everything that pushed forward my survival.

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