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March 13, 2017 – How I Covered Up A Bad Memory

My first goal was to cover up the purple iris on my calf. It was my then husband’s choice of what I should put on „my“ body. I hated it from day one, hence, no photos of it. I remember looking at it and thinking, „I can’t wait until the day comes that I can cover this up.

This is not Keller’s work as I had not met him yet. My daughter drew part of this tattoo. I wanted something magical, something mystical, something to make me feel empowered.

The symbolism behind this tattoo really revolves around covering up what I didn’t want there and ironically, I know that iris is still there, a secret and unseen scar of a time in my life that was filled with trauma. It will always be there, as will the memories it elicits. What I hold onto is the fact that only I know it’s there and it holds no more power of me. What is there for the world to see, is something of beauty, something that brings a smile and a head nod affirming that it’s something pretty to look at.

My Unicorn has its head held high, a proud and strong gait across rough terrain. It exemplifies the beginning of my journey free of abuse and fear. My head is held high, my gait is proud and strong, and no matter the terrain, I will always persevere.

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