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March 12, 2017 – The Journey On My Canvas

I got my first tattoo in 1990 at the age of 32. It was a purple flower on my right calf. It was my then husband’s idea. I didn’t like it, didn’t want it, but it was just another way that he exercised his control over my body and mind. I felt like he was putting some kind of ownership stamp on me.

A year later when I left him, I exacted my brand of rebellion and got a tattoo on my right shoulder. It was a panther standing on a cliff with a large moon behind it. That tattoo symbolized my freedom from an abusive environment. The panther defined strength, power, and the ability to roam alone. The tattoo artist was a biker with a gnarly beard and very soft hands. He was gentle and he ended up not charging me when he found out what it symbolized.

Years later, I decided to find someone that could cover up the panther tattoo because it was a constant memory of a very traumatic time in my life. I wanted any future tattoos to symbolize milestones I have achieved, transitions that have occurred, and changes that shifted my presence in this life.

I made the decision to tell a story on my body.

The amazing artist that has put the beautiful art I have on my body is Keller from Classic Tattoos. He is nothing short of amazing. Here are the links to reach him if you would like some incredible tattoos of your own:

Classic Tattoos on Facebook
Classic Tattoos Website

The next series of blog posts will be the stories and photos of each of my tattoos. They will not necessarily follow a timeline, but will be presented as Snippets.

Stay Tuned…#365daysoftransformation

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