Make gifts that touch the heart

GiftsThere is no better gift than one that comes from the heart.  Anything can be bought in a store, but receiving a gift made especially for you is priceless.  Here is one idea:




I Painted a hard back canvas, found a great quote, printed it, burned it to make it look old, glued it to the canvas, put a frame on it. VOILA! Done in about 10 minutes.

Cost: (You can make 8 gifts with these materials!)
Canvas: 8 pack of 8×10 canvases about $10.00 (Michaels)
Paint: 24 pack of acrylic paints $10.00 (Home Depot or Michaels for similar deals)
Glue: $1.29 (Michaels)
Frames: $3.99 (Michaels)
Approximate total = $55.00
Each gift is about = $7.00 but really priceless!

P.S. Another suggestions is to glue pictures (like a collage) and go over it with a light top coat of varnish for a glossy look!

Have fun and Happy Holidays!

That is all.