Life in a birth canal

When you feel like life is one contraction after another trying to push you out into the world, the natural reaction is to hold on, plant your feet, and try to stay within that space of your comfort zone.  The idea of entering the world with all of its sounds, sights, smells and sensations creates an overload that makes hanging on even more viable a need than letting go.  It creates a mental and emotional prison of sorts. Though we see the light at the other end, going toward it and entering a world of abundance on all levels is terrifying.

I’ve been pondering this “happiness” thing.  There are millions of interpretations unique and individual to every person out there.  My happiness is completely different than anyone else’s.  The problem with obtaining it is that we are all enmeshed in so many different lives, that it becomes difficult to pursue what we want for ourselves.  We have to take into consideration our families, friends, and loved ones.  We hold tightly to each other because we come out of the womb, into the world on a solo trip.  It’s the same way we leave this life.  In between those two journeys we hold on to those we love with a fierceness that is unparalleled to any other human action.  That is somewhat of a foundation for happiness.

So what happens if you want to venture into a place of doing something just for “the self?” Something that gives you peace. Something that makes you feel alive.  Invigorated.  A part of all that is.  Is it possible to say I love you to those that matter and make that journey?  Or are we so deeply rooted in a perceived reality that the invisible tethers between human beings are stronger than any forged steel and cannot be broken until the last breath is expelled and we go wherever we go?

That is all.