Legal and religious edicts restrain clear thought

Judgment…there’s that word steeped in religious and legal interpretation.  One can dig deeply into the meaning of this word and come up with a multitude of definitions.

I have lived within the confines of religious judgment in the form of deadly sins, holy commandments, and scripture.  Several years ago when I cast it all aside, I did so out of rebellion to the pious interpretation man put into our individual right to believe in a higher power on our own terms.  What or who is God? Many have tried to inject the answer to that question into our brains with the precision of a needle filled with morphine. Don’t feel, don’t think, don’t deduce, and above all don’t make your religion an individual experience.  It is yet another mechanism to perpetuate herd mentality.

I have lived within the confines of legal judgment in the assumption that skin color, economic status, and level of education define me as worthy of being considered a viable part of the human race.  Again man has taken the definition and created laws that keep us within the confines of the control mechanism called, Government. Shall we even try to define exactly what Government means?  Yet another pathway to controlling the masses into believing they are safe from the darkness of human nature because of man made laws.

Evil resides despite religion and despite laws.  Evil is a state of mind, not a state of being.  Judgment is not implied for us to coexist, it has been created for us to step into footsteps placed before us, rather than stepping into the ones we make ourselves.