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June 26, 2017 – Leonard Cohen

There is a rather funny story behind this book. I was visiting a friend in Naples and decided to spend an afternoon at Barnes & Noble. As is the case with me, the first section I go to is poetry. I was scanning the shelves and saw this book. When I took it off the shelf and opened it, I was surprised first, the Leonard Cohen wrote poetry, and second that there was hand drawn illustrations. I really wanted to purchase it but had just bought a couple of poetry books the day before and couldn’t justify spending the money. All night I thought about that book, so the next morning I went back to B & N but couldn’t find the book. I was bummed to say the least. I decided I’d find something else since I’d gone all the way across town already. I started to move books around and lo and behold, there was Cohen’s book, hidden behind a rather voluminous anthology. I suppose someone else wanted the book and had to think about it. I felt a bit awful when I purchased it as I knew someone was going to be disappointed. I got over it quickly because it’s a fabulous book and well worth having bought.
Day 25: Book of Longing by Leonard Cohen






You should go
from place to place
recovering the poems
that have been written for you,
to which you can affix your signature.
Don’t discuss these matters
with anyone.
Retrieve. Retrieve.
When the basket is full
someone will appear
to whom you can present it.
She will spread her wide skirt
and sit down
on a black stone
and your basket will bounce
like a speck in sunlight
on the immense landscape
of her lap.
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